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Why Use a Ceiling Fan in an Office?

This site is dedicated to spreading the message to use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning in offices in order to save energy.  It is been provided by the UK Ceiling Fan Association which represents retailers of ceiling fans and is sponsored by the UK’s leading importer and retailer of quality ceiling fans – The Henley Fan Company Ltd.  They can be used either as a great and reliable alternative to air-conditioning or as a supplemental product to substantially reduce air-conditioning running costs and provide a valuable backup for when it breaks down (which inevitably happens in the hottest weather!).    They can also draw in fresh air through windows on days when there is little or no breeze.   A comfortable environment with fresh air rather than stale, sweaty, smelly air means that your staff will be happier, work better and productivity will rise.

Air conditioning is very expensive to install and run as well as being unreliable and uncomfortable for patrons too with it’s very dry air output.  Ceiling fans offer a very cost-effective alternative at 5% of the installed and running costs, saving valuable energy and reducing harmful carbon emissions.  They typically use the energy of a 60 watt light bulb although some of the latest DC fans consuming a very small amount of power eg just 10 watts.  They are perfect for the English or temporal weather where it rarely gets hot enough to justify air conditioning but can often get very stuffy and hot without any aid to air circulation.

Ceiling fans, on the other hand, don’t suffer from this problem.   They can be gently stirring the air providing a direct cooling effect of at least 5 degrees centigrade plus, if a window is open, can bring in cooler fresh air from outside providing even more cooling.   Ceiling fans have been used in this way for many years in the USA and warmer countries but are now being more widely adopted in the UK, Northern Europe and temperate regions.

Case Study 1 – Traditional Barn Conversion

Here is a picture of how a modern contemporary ceiling fan – the Hunter Osprey – blends in nicely with a traditional barn-conversion office in Berkshire, England.  This fan moves an incredible 20,000 m3/hour at top speed – try getting that with your Dyson desk fan!  With the windows open these 3 fans cooled down the whole 3,000 ft2 office at the start of the day so that on all apart from the 3 or 4 hottest days of the year (when the temperature was 34 deg c) the environment was pleasant, fresh and comfortable.  An additional benefit was that being a listed building meant installing air-conditioning would have been extremely costly and require all sorts of planning approvals from the landlord and authorities.

Office ceiling fan

Hunter Osprey Ceiling Fan in a Traditional Barn Conversion Office

Case Study 2 – Hotel Bar

Whilst not an office this bar got very hot especially on Friday and Saturday nights when it is full of drinkers.  Now that the beautiful Hunter Lugano ceiling fans are installed the atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable.  Apart from being functional and performing a fantastic job they are also nice to look at and provide some added interest and fashion to the interior design of the room.

Hertford House Hotel Bar and Restaurant Area

Osprey ceiling fan in bar and restaurant area

In this site we aim to provide useful information about the benefits of using ceiling fans along with a buying guide to help you make the right and best choice for you should you wish to go ahead and purchase some.  We hope you find it helpful.

PS   We are looking for other reputable sponsors in the office supplies industry to help spread the message of saving energy with a ceiling fan.  Please contact us if you are interested.