Why Ceiling Fans are Better than Air Conditioning


Imagine you are working on a boiling hot day in your office and suddenly, someone brings in an air conditioning unit. “Thank goodness! Finally something to break this wretched heat!” you think and when it comes on, the refreshment it brings is oh so welcoming. You get back to work and for the first 10 minutes, everything is OK however soon your eyes start to hurt a bit.  As well as this, you begin to notice the loud hum  and the fast wind coming from the unit soon enough, you can’t concentrate – they are just too distracting to be doing work in.

Sound familiar? Many companies and offices every year  in the hot weather make the terrible mistake of purchasing an air conditioning unit, not thinking about its long term impact upon both its employees and energy costs.  Air conditioning units are bad for health, with the cold air drying out employees eyes, bad for noise pollution and extremely expensive to operate.  How do you get away from these disadvantages but still have a cool office to work in? The answer is simple – use a ceiling fan instead.

A good quality ceiling fan, such as one that can be purchased from the Hunter Fan Company, is hands down the best appliance you can use to cool your office as none of the problems that come with AC units are at work.  Here is a problem/solution list showing how a ceiling fan beats air conditioning any day.

  • Problem: The cold air coming out of AC units dries out my eyes making working uncomfortable.
  • Solution: Ceiling fans circulate the air already in the room rather than producing new cold, dry air. In addition to this, the wind chill effect takes place meaning that you still gain the same effect that you would from an AC unit. Because of this, the air that is cooling you does not dry your eyes out as it is no less humid, yet you still have the cooling effect produced by AC.
  • Problem: There is too much noise coming from the Air Conditioning to be able to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Solution: Hunter fans include Silicon steel laminations inside the motor, meaning quiet performance is ensured. A patented trilobe hanger ball is also used to dissipate wobble, adding to the near silent result from the fan (to find out more about the unique designs of Hunter fans, click here).
  • Problem: Air Conditioning is ridiculously expensive to run meaning our company hesitates to even turn it on!
  • Solution: Ceiling fans are just a fraction of the cost of AC units – The New York Times reported that a “good” air conditioning unit uses a staggering 3 kilowatts per hour compared with just 30 watts for ceiling fans; that’s 36 cents per hour and 1 cent per hour, respectively. This means that if a ceiling fan were installed, our office could have it running all the time.

These are just a few of the problems faced by AC units that ceiling fans overcome with ease and with current energy prices only looking set to rise, it might be worth talking to your boss about having a fan installed.