A home-office needs light and temperature control – why not have 2 in 1?

Let’s face it – in your home-office, you are going to need a light source. This can either be a ceiling light or a desk lamp, though the choice does not make much difference. If you want to have an effective workspace, you will also need some kind of temperature controller, especially if you are stuck inside on a boiling summer’s day or contrastingly needing to wear a coat because it’s snowing outside! The former, in my experience, has had the most notable effect on my concentration and therefore has decreased my effectiveness most when working – everyone has been in the position where you cannot even think as a result of your office being turned into a sauna.

Luckily, the Hunter Fan company has a huge variety of ceiling fans perfectly made for home-offices. Instead of needing to install a light and ceiling fan separately, most Hunter fans come with a light built in. My favourite fan to use in a home-office is the Fanaway EVO series, currently being sold with 25% off! Unlike many of its counterparts, the EVO has retractable blades, meaning when the fan is not in use, it just looks like a normal ceiling light! Perfect if you are looking for a fan that discretely fits into your office. It comes in white and chrome and can also fit elegantly into other rooms in your home – I have it in my office and would definitely recommend it.

Although ceiling fans are generally associated with cooling, you can also lower energy consumption in the winter by up to 10%, meaning lower energy bills and a more environmentally friendly outcome. Because warm air rises, the temperature of the air in a heated room varies in horizontal layers; the air near the ceiling is warmer than the air nearer to the floor. A ceiling fan can help push the warmer air that is trapped near the ceiling back down into the room by forcing cooler air upwards, thus de-stratifying the layers of warm air. As a result, the warm air is circulated and the heating system does not overwork to warm the room. This adds another benefit to using a ceiling fan in your home-office as when it starts to get a bit chilly, simply turn the fan to reverse mode and watch your heating bills decline. To find out more about how fans can save you money in your heating bills, click here.