My decision to get a Hunter Fan was certainly the right one – does the job superbly!

Summer finally hit last week yehh!! I am in a loft based office and it is normally warm and cosy until the sun shines when it becomes unbearably hot. Last month I decided this is the year I was going to get a ceiling fan. I looked on Google for ceiling fans and having looked a few sites that seem to just have cheap and not very impressive looking fans I found The Hunter Fan site. There were a lot to choose from by way of models and different colours so it needed thinking about.

This was not a spur of the moment purchase because although I knew what I wanted I wanted to dwell on it a bit. Once I had spent time on the site and had an idea of what I liked I decided to call Hunter and get more information regarding the size I needed and what accessories. I left it a few days and then called and placed my order. I had selected a fan that came with a light and also included a remote control as well. So I got everything I needed all in one box and received the box the next day. My electrician came in and even he commented on the quality of the goods.

He installed it and it was all working perfectly. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to not only find exactly what I wanted but really helpful customer service and delivery. This made my work experience so much better up in my loft space. The other good thing I found out is that when the colder weather comes back, which will be this week apparently, the fan can be operated in reverse so save me energy and energy costs. All this and a lifetime warranty so I am one happy man!!