My home office couldn’t be complete without a Hunter Ceiling Fan

I followed advice given to me by a friend who has a home office to be able to have one myself as in my new job I am able to work from home. I selected all the usual items like a desk and chair along with shelving, filing cabinets etc. and the most important thing I was told was to have a good lighting system but I wanted more. I wanted a ceiling fan because I will be spending lots of time in this room I wanted the temperature to be comfortable. I know this is a hot room even in the winter it just keeps the heat so I checked online and found a number of fan companies but when I really looked into it I found lots of information.

There are lots of forums and blogs about ceiling fans and The Hunter Fan Company seemed to come out top so I called and spoke to a really helpful young man. We went through what I wanted and size of the room and then he pointed me to a selection of fans that matched my criteria. I was so happy I placed the order there and then with him and even got a remote control included in with the bundle of fan and light. This was a complete package that actually arrived first thing the next day. Now that is what I call service.

I booked my electrician to come the following week and he commented on the quality and ease of installation. I am pleased with the fan and the customer service too so much so that I am planning to get some more Hunter fans for other rooms in my house.