A ceiling fan can be used to heat my office!

I have worked for the last 30 years in many different types of office. Some had overhead air conditioning, some had desk fans and others even has small portable air conditioning units. I recently changed jobs and when I walked in on my first day saw the office had Hunter ceiling fans. I could see they were on but there was no breeze which was great considering it was snowing outside.

I asked my Manager why they were on if it was so cold and she then explained that in cold weather they work, as they are now, in reverse. Why? She then explained that in reverse they push all the hot air trapped at the ceiling back down and so not only reclaimed it but saved on energy costs. I thought that was a great idea so wrote the name of the fans down and plan on getting some for my house. I even looked on the internet and they are the best quality silent fan I found. I am so pleased I changed jobs and this is the most comfortable environment to work in thanks to Hunter.